“Life is full of ups and downs, let’s live and do it happily…” – Actor Rajnikanth

Started his life as a bus conductor and consistently moved up the ladder of life so high that he is now celebrated as a Demi-God by his die-hard fans. There is not a single genre that Rajni hasn’t acted in his 40 years of acting career. With his magnetic screen presence and majestic dialogue deliveries, Rajni has never failed to keep his audience astounded from the 1970’s to this date. Although Rajni has performed many mass hero roles in many of his movies, in real life he is a simple and pragmatic person and also someone who is spiritually enlightened. He has become an idol for thousands as he is a perfect epitome of the saying “Rags to Riches”, however still stays down to his roots and has never let all this fame shake his virtues. Rajnikanth is one among the very few actors who has fans of all ages and is honoured in people’s hearts. In praise of this great actor’s contribution to the film industry and for influencing many with his reel life roles and real life character, here is a pen drawing portraying Rajnikanth’s version of “Now and Then”.

Rajnikanth is a name, Superstar is an emotion. Happy Birthday to our unmatched Thalaiva Superstar Rajnikanth!

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