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“The more open you are towards learning and experimenting, the more creative your thoughts become.” – Suthan Vaheesar

Suthan is a self-taught artist with a passion for creating photorealistic artwork. Having started drawing at a tender age of 4, he mostly concentrated on pencil drawings. As years passed, he was eager to experiment different art media. His continuous drive to learn something new in art has led him to create pastel drawings, digital paintings, portrait pencil drawings, coloured pencil drawings, oil paintings, pen drawings, acrylic paintings and the list is ongoing just like his passion to keep learning new drawing techniques. Also, having graduated in Mechanical Engineering from one of the best universities in the world, Suthan has the ability to view a common man’s perspective through an artist’s vision.

Suthan thrives to get to the tiniest detail and create lifelike drawings. His portraits are a great example of his attention to detail. Suthan’s artwork is as colourful as his personality. His pastel drawings and oil paintings showcases his sense of colours that recreates a sensational scenic view.

Contact Suthan Vaheesar to commission a custom-made portrait of yourself or your loved ones or get one of Suthan’s original enchanting landscape drawings to decorate your living or office space!